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Tips to increase the number of repeat customers

Mytruehotel Hotel Management Software, Hotel Property Management System, Hotel PMS

Just like in any other industry, hotel management also entails achieving customer satisfaction and continuity in their stays thanks to such satisfaction. Build your strategies with a focus to continuity in gaining customers, rather than only a concern with expanding your customer portfolio. This will prove a right way of long-term investment. Repeat customers continuously offer new prospects and serve as positive customer comments by your potential customers as they are about to book online, which surely indicates that repeat customers evidently expand your customer portfolio in the long term.

To increase the number of repeat customers, many hotels use a wide range of methods. Without any doubt, hotel managers take due diligence in handling the online platforms wherein the first and healthiest customer relations are built. Mytruehotel(MTH) provides significant privileges for its users to booster the number of repeat customers through hotel websites. Let's have a look into what kind of efforts you can boost to achieve repeat customers on your hotel's website with Mytruehotel Hotel ERP.

Be persuasive and attract more customers to book with marketing module

Mytruehotel Hotel ERP aims to booster your profitability and customer potential with its signature marketing module, which makes booking more attractive for potential customers visiting your hotel's website. Marketing module offers discount options, which evoke a feeling of taking an urgent action to book your customers.

Marketing module offers various promotion options like discount for early booking, long-term accommodation or accommodation during specific period. This way, it boosts your sales and achieves continuity by attracting customers. All these special deals make it possible to enhance your website traffic as well. This way, visitors of your website turn into followers and keep following your discount offers and preferring your property.

Send your customers coupon codes

Utilizing the Marketing module, you can send coupon codes to your customers and help them benefit from discounts this way. Mytruehotel allows you to spread the word about your discount offers with coupon codes and provide your customers with special deals as they use these codes.

Coupon codes might be arranged for a specific period of validity and specific room types. You can manage coupon codes and related discount offers in any way you would like to in Mytruehotel Marketing module.

Get started with your efforts by benefiting from the expertise of Mytruehotel to gain repeat customers. Contact us immediately to access the profitability-and prospect-boosting systems and build sales strategies based on expert consultancy.

by Roshni Gupta | 13 Sep 2016

The benefits of having a single version of centrally hosted software cannot be overstated. Hotel staff doesn't have to wrestle with multiple software versions, multiple platforms and all the associated complexities


With Mytruehotel's cloud-based solution, all you need is the internet to access your property management system. Nothing to download, nothing to install. It's that easy.

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