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Mytruehotel Hotel Management Software, Hotel Property Management System, Hotel PMS

Like any other business environment, mobility and mobile apps have also brought in significant amount of changes in the hospitality industry. It is not only the travelers who want to leverage the benefit of mobiles and mobility apps, hoteliers too want to experience the power of these emerging technologies. One such mobile app that is set to help hoteliers in many ways is mobile analytics.

Today, senior personnel in a hotel like owner or general manager or other senior managers need to know everything about their hotel operation in order to be able to take business critical decisions. They need to be updated with department wise real-time data. This means, they have to completely rely on the on-premise Hotel systems to extract those data. For this, they have to have access to the hotel property management software and this would require them to be at the property. How are they going to manage when they are away from the property without any access to the Hotel ERP? They surely have to call up respective department heads to collect desired information which could be a time consuming matter.

Mobile App

Mobile App by Mytruehotel is a smart mobile analytics app or mobile reporting app that allows users to access their Hotel ERP Software to view up-to-the-minute hotel statistics on their smartphones. In simple words, Our mobile app allows users to view and analyze scores of data on hotel operations stored in the property management system over their mobile phones. Our mobile app ensures seamless flow of real-time data between the Hotel ERP Software and the user's smartphone.

Key points that can be tracked via Our Mobile App

The dashboard of our Mobile App is comprehensive and configurable by the user and can include multiple data types. The dashboard enables users to click on a single property to view required information. User can also select the chain to view the chain wise information. This app provides real-time statistics on activities including guest arrivals, departures and housekeeping etc. For example, Users can take stock of real-time status of their properties room inventory including number of rooms that are out of order and availability of rooms to sell etc.

Our Mobile App empowers users to keep track on the property's EOD projection by providing them vital data on total revenue, average revenue, maximum occupancy, minimum occupancy and no shows etc.Users can view revenue performance of the day/month/year and can compare the flow of revenue from different heads including both room and non-room items sales. Users also get to know their top corporate clients giving them maximum business and clients those who have not given business in last months. Additionally, they can also know the names of their corporate clients with whom the contract is about to expire soon.

With Mobile App at their fingertips, hoteliers can take informed decision while accessing real-time and actionable business critical data anytime, anywhere. It ultimately helps them evaluate their daily performance with utmost efficiency.

by Roshni Gupta | 23 Aug 2016

The benefits of having a single version of centrally hosted software cannot be overstated. Hotel staff doesn't have to wrestle with multiple software versions, multiple platforms and all the associated complexities


With Mytruehotel's cloud-based solution, all you need is the internet to access your property management system. Nothing to download, nothing to install. It's that easy.

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